OLD POST based on WS40 v1.0

Name avg Team fullpaws40 Hire Me!
Anthony Davis 4 17.53 Freshman
Arsalan Kazemi 4 14.68 Hire Me!
William Mosley 4.5 13.465 Hire Me!
Andre Roberson 4 13.455 Hire Me!
C.J. McCollum 1.5 13.22 Hire Me!
Jesse Sanders 1 13.02 Hire Me!
Damian Lillard 1 13.02 Hire Me!
Ken Horton 3.5 12.95 Hire Me!
Kyle O’Quinn 4.5 12.94 Hire Me!
Jae Crowder 3.5 12.825 Hire Me!
Jack Cooley 4.5 12.665 Hire Me!
Trevor Mbakwe 4.5 12.615 Hire Me!
Jared Sullinger 5 12.325 Hire Me!
Marcus Denmon 2 12.295 Hire Me!
Thomas Robinson 4 12.18 Hire Me!
Julian Boyd 4 12.105 Hire Me!
John Henson 4 12.105 Hire Me!
Tyler Zeller 5 12.05 Freshman
Eli Holman 4.5 12.015 Hire Me!

This is the top PAWS40 for the last 2 season of the NCAA.

PAWS40 :(insert Link to wagesofwin.com)

10 is the average NBA WS.

Ooh, just looking at this list gives me a headache. Turns out I didn’t account for the fact that some of the stars didn’t play a lot of minutes their freshman year. I’m gonna have to rejigger the thresholds a bit.


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