– NCAA Skills to NBA Skills (What Transfers?)

Hickory High work on the percentage of NCAA Players who have had their  stats transfer over from their college career to NBA career.

1. Ast/40 _ 0.877

People that pass a lot, Pass in the NBA.

2. Blk/40 _ 0.875

People that block a lot, Block a lot.

3. OReb/40 _ 0.859

Rebounders rebound.

4. FGA _ 0.838

Shooters shoot a lot.

5. DReb/40 _ 0.836

6. 3PTA/FGA _ 0.827

Snipers don’t drive in for jumpers? Versatility is pretty important to wings. This would mean that 28% of Small Forwards get to become superstars.

7. Stl/40 _ 0.750

I would love for this number to be in relation to fouls collected (PF)

8. FT% _ 0.714

You would think this would be less. Free throws are strictly mechanics. It would mean that 30% of all NBAers don’t practice free throws enough or in the right way.

9. PF/40 _ 0.656

10. 3PT% _ 0.622

This is a lovely stat. Really discounts the 3pt% category in my book. Which I do anyways.

11. FTA/40 _ 0.544

12. TO/Pos _ 0.530

I would love this stat to be expanded to specific positions. TO/Guard; TO/Forward

13. Pts/40 _ 0.370

Which means that FG% is so variant that it’s meaningless to put here. Might

14. TO/Pos _ 0.530

Lol. Ian Levy made a typo.

15. USG% _ 0.276

16. Min/G _ 0.118

This is a misleading stat. Does it mean that 90% NCAA players get MORE or LESS minutes than what they are used to?


I find the FG% and 2pt% being missing quite amusing. Shooting ability is really wild.

Prodraft analysis here. Although I abhor the way they code their website.


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