-Position and Rebound Adjusted Win Score Over 40 Minutes (PRAWS40)

1. Know what Win Score is. (WS)

Win Score is a collection of 9 stats.

Win Score = PTS + OREB + 1/2DREB + STL + ½*BLK + ½*AST – FGA – ½*FTA – TO – ½*PF

Purpose: A quick and dirty way to hash or combine 9 stats together. Some are defensive stats. Some are offensive. Some are possession. The main point is to filter out 400 prospects into rankings to apply more granular analysis.

*There is an older version, the one that Draftexpress.com(as of 6/2012) uses that treats Offensive Rebounds the same as Defensive Rebounds. To avoid confusion I will be calling my Win Score, Rebound Adjusted Win Score or RAWS40.

2. Rebound Adjusted Win Score per 40 minutes(RAWS40)

Because Draftexpress.com uses stats based on Per 40 minutes, I will use Per 40 . The wages of wins site uses Per 48.

3.  Position and Rebound Adjusted Win Score per 40 minutes (PRAWS40)

Purpose: In order to compare the RAWS40 of each player, you must account for the fact that forwards are going to have better RAWS40 averages due to the fact that they are just plain closer to the basket.

So we take a point guard’s RAWS40

                      and we subtract “the average RAWS40 of all Point Guards”

We get something I call “POPA” or Points Over or Under Positional Average.

We then take this POPA and we add the Average RAWS40 of everyone in the league. Wagesofwins says it’s 5.729 for the 2010 season but he uses RAWS48. My own data for the 2011 season says 5.39 which makes sense since the conversion between is roughly

RAWS48 = RAWS40 + .3

Now we have POPA we add in the Average RAWS40 Of the Entire NCAA League.

For example if Kyrie Irving is 4+ above NCAA PGs (which he is).You add in the the NCAA average which is around 6. He would be a 10 PRAWS40

If you want to compare him to a forward such as Faried—you take Faried’s POPA who is 7+ above an average NCAA PF—you add in the NCAA Average 6—you get a 13.

Faried, theoretically, looks better than Kyrie Irving.

The reason we add the NCAA Average is so we don’t have negative numbers for players when we do rankings. If you want to just use POPA, go ahead.



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