Work In Progress (Predicting the June 28th Draft Perfectly)

UPDATE: HOUSTON and Bucks KINGs and last minute Trades are messing me up. Gonna have to cross out some stuff.

Bolded are Lottery Teams.
GM SmartyScore is the Points Over or Under the NBA Average I’ve previously calculated for each GM.

Basically, how far below or over the NBA performance average do they pick?
        The methodoly is in the Research directly below “Predicting The June 28th Draft Perfectly”.

After that, I go to my giant list of career averages and check for the GM SmartyScore. For example, the Cavaliers GM usually picks .31 points under average. So I’ll have him pick T. Robinson because T. Rob has the career win score most similar to .31 points under the NBA average.

TEAM Try Outers Pick No. Needs GM SmartyScore Predicted Pick
Cavaliers Barnes, Beal, J. Sullinger, Robinson, Drummond, F. Melo, Barton 4 SF, Shooting -.31 T. Robinson
PACERS Barton, Bazemore, Middleton,Jeff Taylor,Crowder,Darius Miller, F. Melo 26 . .
Bucks T. Jones, Moultrie, PJ III, Larry Andersen*, J. Green, T. Satoransky
Fournier, Barton, Moore, Anderson
Henson, A. Gilchrist, Stutz, M. Gatens. Z. Johnson, R. Jone
Zeller, Leonard, Henson, Fab MeloLamb, Ross, Waiters, Barton, Fournier 
14 SG?,PF, C -1.1 Perry Jones, Fab, Meyers
Blazers Sullinger, MKG, Waiters*, Henson,Wroten, T. Ross,M. Scott, Harkless 6, 11 PG, C ? MKG,Lillard, Waiters 
Raptors Lillard*, Waiters*,Henson, T. Jones 8 SF, PF, PG* .1 Lillard* , Waiters, T. Jones
Bobcats MKG, Beal, Thomas Robinson, Drummond, Barnes, Sacre, Sutton
Hamilton, Holman,
2 All . Beal
Nets . .
Wizards Barnes, K. Joseph, Shurnas, A. Drummond
MKG, Robinson, Beal
, Terrence Ross
3 Shooting, Ball
1.44 Barnes
Bulls 5th: K. Jones, Drew Gordon, Barton*, Dar. Miller
4th: Barnes, Cunningham, D. Lamb
3rd: J. Cunningham, J. Jenkins,Will Barton,D. Lamb, T. Smith, H. Thompson
2nd: T. Holloway, Fab MeloJ’Covan Brown, Josh Owens,R. Sacre, T. Wroten.
Wknd: Draymond Green, A. Nicholson and Scott Machado, Jordan Taylor
29 ComboGuards, .  Will Barton
Suns Waiters*, Henson,Perry Jones, Terrence Jones, Arnette Moultrie, K. Marshall 13 SF,PF, PG 1.58 Waiters or Marshall
Kings Henson,Tyler*,Zeller*, Sullinger*, Drummond 5, 36 SF, Shooting -.1 Henson
Warriors MKG, Henson, M. Leanord, Q. Miller
K. Jones, Barton
7, 30, 35, 52 SF, C ?  Zeller, M. Leanord
Boston K. Jones, Barton 21, 22 . .
Dallas K. Jones . . .
Rockets Henson, Bernard James, Denmon, Tu Holloway, Wroten
Jesse Sanders
12, 16, 18 SF, C


Miles Plumlee, no idea
Piston Henson . . .
Miami K. Jones, Barton . . .
OKC K. Jones . . .
Spurs K. Jones . . .
Lakers K. Jones 60 . .

Clippers . 53 . .
Detroit . 9 SF, PF


Knicks Acy, English, C. Johnson, Mangano, T. Mitchell, H. ThompsonGlover,
L. Anderson, Drew Gordon, A. Sollazo, Jord Taylor, C. Ware
. CG, SF .
Nuggets J. Jenkins, Gibson, Fournier, J. Lamb, Moore, Turkyilimaz 20, 38, 50 SG .
Atlanta J. Jenkins, Draymond Green . . .
Minnesota Royce White, Jordan Taylor, 18 . .
Grizzlies  Barton . . .
 Hornets Anthony Davis 1, 10 . NA Anthony Davis, Lillard, Waiters

Perry Jones III (Baylor), Terrence Jones (Kentucky), and Arnett Moultrie (Mississippi State).  Jones III and Jones are very strong candidates to be taken by the Bucks at no. 12, while Moultrie could be taken a little later in the first round if the Bucks decide to trade down in the draft.  Joining these three players were Long Beach State senior guard Larry Anderson (again), Alabama’s senior forwardJaMychal Green, and guard from the Czech Republic Tomas Satoransky.

Every time I do tables like this, I feel like wordpress is going to yell at me for messing with their lovely themes.

Let’s begin.

  • Look at that list of MKG and Henson tryouts. To me, it seems like Henson and MKG have a high chance of being taken out early.
  • Sullinger is the next frequent hopper. Looks like he might make it to Top 7!
  • I hope to god Quinn and Zeller get picked before Sullinger, though. Restore my faith in humankind. Probably not. But really, Centers   pretty iffy this year.
  • The most fascinating cell to me is the Pacers cell. Jae Crowder AND Will Barton? Larry Bird is actually 20% above average in picking decent picks (The entire research isn’t fully finished yet). But if the Pacers organization are picking this way, I might just have to be a fan of them. Remember, last year they picked Kwahi Leanord (which they gift wrapped to the Spurs).
  • Look at all these smart teams trying out K. Jones. Kindah makes you wonder if the lottery teams are just perenially stupid.
  • Golden State has the best Draft Pick #30. High enough to get the good stuff the dumb Lottery Teams missed out on. In fact the 30th pick is good enough to grab, on average, a pick that produces Starter Level numbers. It’s just as good as the 11th pick!
  •  Kendall Marshall just saw Phoenix Twice! I’m gonna italicize the word PG on the Suns list. Face it, Nash is going bye bye. But that means the Suns suspect Waiters of being picked early by either the Blazers or Raptors.

I am a huge fan of Barton. If you’ve read my Paloozas I consider him one of the top 3 picks for SG. The Bucks could really use Will Barton as Monta Ellis is not a SG worth much. The extra defense would help as well as a nice touch. So he can’t shoot the three. It’s not like that stuff transfers from college well anyways. If Barton gets the starting 2 spot, Mike Dunleavy can play the 3. Quite a formidable guard court.

*List of Lottery Teams


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